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2015oc Group Enrolment Form

Terms and Conditions for Memership of The 2015oc Group

  • The first 21 days membership is free if the user registers at least 90 days before the test date, however if payment is not made in advance from second month, the account will be promptly erased. All test results will be lost permanently.
  • User can choose to stop access and restart at a later time. However there will be no free trial month when the account is restarted.
  • It is expected that requests for help will be answered promptly within 24 hours in school days. In holiday time it will be based on best effort.
  • Any system problems will be rectified at best efforts but no guarantee of uninterrupted 24x7 operation.
  • It is prohibited to seek endless free trials by re-enrolling each month using different contact details. The system always knows exactly where a user comes from. This violation will result in a permanent ban on accessing the Mathemafix website.
  • Violations such as attempts to hack the system, steal questions and answers and cheat on tests once detected will result in barring access and disabling of accounts.

Cannot find an available account, please contact admin

Alternatively, just send in relevant information (email address, student name, nick name, year/grade)
by the contact form. We will set up an account and email the login/password to you.




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