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Author Topic: English video resources  (Read 3102 times)

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English video resources
« on: August 31, 2015, 11:30:16 PM »
The Video resources have the most essential information for kids to grade 7. It is important to work on writing as it is quite near the 2016 selective test. Writing is the weakest area for most students (even those in OC classes). Thanked to the writing guide, the writing results for 2015 were quite strong but students still failed to get really high marks (especially in scholarship writing). Hopefully they can do better in 2016 by doing more preparation. A few videos for writing have been added into the Video resources collection. So now the English section of it has a lot of stuff that will benefit not only the kids but parents. As a lot of parents here are from non-English speaking background, it is very beneficial to watch and discuss with the kids.