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Mathemafix Premium Access Group

This offer brings together a big collection of work for year 2-6 students to work at their own pace to lift performance at school. Students have access to a huge database of questions and training modules. Parents can have their own free accounts linked to children accounts for silent monitoring of the kids' progress.

The group is intended for students at year 2 or older. Weak year 3 students could start with year 2 work, consolidate at year 3 then extend to higher years.

Older year students have access to materials for younger years for learning recovery. Later, you can request to move up or down any time.

Program features

  • Low cost: $50 per year and no hidden costs
  • Demo account for users to see what is on offer. Demo login: goldfishdemo Password: demo
  • 7 days trial before payment.
  • High quality materials with over 10000 questions
  • Training modules and a collection of videos on primary school topics from basics to advanced concepts.
  • Comparative ranking with other students
  • As a bridging stage for the OC or Selective program


This is a low cost program at $50 per year. It helps parents save on costly tutoring. As it is a self-paced program, it allows students to work at their comfort level and aim to go as high as they could. A demo account is available (Login: goldfishdemo Password: demo)

Click to enrol into YEAR 2-6 (Program Description)

Alternatively, just send in relevant information (email address, student name, nick name, year/grade)
by the contact form. We will set up an account and email the login/password to you.




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