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It's likely that parents create accounts for their kids. Each year you can move the grade up, so there is no need for making an account for each year. Please DO NOT create two accounts for one child in the same grade to repeat the tests. Please enter your information accurately (all fields with * must not be empty). After you register sucessfully, an email will be sent to your email account. It has the link for the activation of this account. Go to your email, click on it to activate. You may have to try a few times to get a unique 'login' name and a 'nick' name.

The grade 'adult' is only for a parent who wishes to create an account for him/herself so that s/he can monitor the kids. This means s/he must have already created accounts for the kids. Later s/he can link the accounts for the kids to his/her account.

If you don't get a confirmation email after a while, then it's probably that your email provider may be too strict and put the email into a Spam mail folder. So check in that folder or provide another email address. HOTMAIL.COM often does not deliver mail from Mathemafix to many of its users (even though it does for some!). Normally it can up to one hour for email to show up at your email server. Most of the time it only take a minute. Use the Contact form if you still have problems after trying all this.

Bogus accounts will be promptly deleted. It's very rude to supply bogus information in order to have a peek at the system if you have no business to be here.


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Mathemafix offers support for grade 5 students aiming to do the NSW Selective School test, click SS group for detail.

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