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Author Topic: How to make use of old mobile phone as good webcam  (Read 6517 times)

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How to make use of old mobile phone as good webcam
« on: April 06, 2020, 08:06:39 PM »
Most old mobile phones have better webcams than what you can buy as webcam! With the coronavirus lock down, webcams are very hard to find and they are expensive. A good one could cost $220 on Ebay and very slow to come. It's time to pull out the old mobile phone and put them to good use.

In this example I use an android phone. There are many apps for iPhone as well.

I download Droidcam to my old android Samsung phone. Then I download Droidcam for Windows and install it on my Windows 10. It's quite easy to configure the apps as most of the values are just default. I connect the phone to the computer using an USB cable. It's ok to connect via the wireless router too but connecting by a cable will also keep it charged at all time.

Then I made a frame to hold it. See the attached pictures. I use craft sticks (paddle pop) and a glue gun to join them. I also need a big rubber band and a heavy metal chop stick to provide the weight I need to balance the heavy weight of the mobile phone. Finally spray paint the frame with a paint can.

Then I try with ZOOM conference software. It works perfectly and it's free!

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