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Author Topic: Welcome to Mathemafix community  (Read 9506 times)

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Welcome to Mathemafix community
« on: April 13, 2015, 06:05:49 PM »
This is a community forum for Mathemafix users to exchange information. To participate you must register for your own login (not the same as Mathemafix user login). It is expected that year 6 students will use this forum to access the collaborative writing boards to practice narrative and persuasive writing skills. By working together on writing jobs, many students will learn a lot from those good at writing.

To get started, just register for a free account on this forum (could use same login as your Mathemafix account). Activate it with the link on the email sent to your email address, and then you would be ready to participate. Member profile could be customised with an avatar and some other settings.

It is important that parents take them through the Writing Guide first to get a clear idea of what  they have to do. Then students just post their writing jobs and read those of other students to get ideas or what is good and what need to improve. Look at the comments on the jobs and try to re-write their story.
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