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Author Topic: Mathemafix acepts Bitcoin for subscription  (Read 8582 times)

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Mathemafix acepts Bitcoin for subscription
« on: December 16, 2015, 12:36:54 PM »
Bitcoin is a mysterious new kind of money called digital money. It is created by an anonymous person or a group of people. Now it is entirely in the public domain and no government or bank has any control over it. It allows people to send payment across the world in seconds and the fee is almost nothing.  See the Bitcoin guide for where to look for more information and how to use it. It is still hard to buy bit coin, and currently it is traded at about 600AUD per bitcoin. Each bitcoin is split into 100 million satoshi (smallest unit of the bitcoin network). This means people can pay amounts less than 1 cent worth!

One can experiment, learn about bitcoin and start getting some free satoshi just by open a page for advertising companies that give out bitcoin satoshi in return to generating some Internet traffic for their ads.

While these free sources of bitcoin won't give you more than a dollar worth of bitcoin per day, they give you a chance to get some of it enough to store, send and receive to learn how this works. You can create a Bitcoin wallet. Each wallet can support unlimited number of addresses for receiving bitcoin. Each address could be thought of as a note. All the notes together give you the total value of your wallet.  Digital currency may be the way of the future as it is easily kept in your mobile phone. You can use your phone as a digital wallet to pay for purchases and to receive money!!! And you no longer need a bank for day to day cash. You also no longer need the bank to transfer money overseas. No one will know how much cash you have. It makes sense to pay a few cents worth of money for some little thing (micro payments). You get all the information to get started in the Bitcoin Guide. This is an exciting area of digital technology in the future.

And once you have experimented with Bitcoin and decided not to use it for now, please donate the few cents worth of satoshi to my bitcoin account: 1HQCp9itosUicFLco3q3VgW9G42iRw8p38