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Author Topic: Identification of gaps in year 3-4 maths  (Read 6904 times)

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Identification of gaps in year 3-4 maths
« on: February 29, 2016, 11:27:53 AM »
It is the nature of Australian primary school education to leave gaps in students at the foundation level. It is dead simple. When you leave the task of preparing teaching program  entirely to teachers, some teachers will not do well and the kids won't cover all what they should learn even if they are smart and more capable of learning everything thrown at them. This happens to gifted kids too as they move really fast and ignore stuff they don't like. The result are "cracks" at the foundation. If they are not repaired, the kids won't do well later when they face harder stuff and the stuff that requires a strong foundation.

A new module has been implement with most of the maths from Australian syllabus for stage 2 (year 3-4). A number of fairly strong year 4 and year 5 students have tried it and it reveals a lot of gaps! The module get students to attempt 238 questions in all strands and report on the gaps. This allows parents to quickly help the kids to fix the gaps (or find help for them). It could help kids to fix their gaps with a couple of weeks. For  year 3 students preparing for OC, this will really help them to enter OC preparation with a solid maths foundation.

Students can enter this module "Maths Gaps" from the section "More ..." and get the 10 tests done. A complete report is avail;able after having all 10 tests done. They can also do the Mathematics Gaps Identification series and access the report by going into the module later.