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Terms and Conditions

  • This system is provided as is without any guarantee of any kind regarding availability, system performance, accuracy of the content or suitability for any of your own purpose, etc.
  • The service is currently free and expected to stay free. However we reserve the right to change that status any time without warning.
  • Members are only granted access for personal use. We reserve the right to disable and block access at any time we suspect that our system is exploited for any other purpose.
  • Each user should have only 1 account. Creating more than one account in same grade in order to copy questions and answers and better the scores in the other account will distort the ranking. This is prohibited.
  • Registrations that use complete bogus and/or rude and/or disrespectful information will be promptly deleted. Similarly attempts on tests that show a disrespectful attitude to this system will result in the tests deleted and the registration cancelled.
  • Violations such as attempts to hack the system, steal questions and answers and cheat on tests once detected will result in barring access and disabling of accounts. An attempt to cheat on one account will result in barring access to all accounts.
  • These above terms and conditions will be updated as needs arise. This will be done without any warning. Best effort will be made to inform existing users over email.



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