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Selective Support Group Information

Mathemafix now offers membership of Selective Support Group, a low fee online program designed to put together the essential elements of good support for high performers in a compact package which allows grade 5/6 students to have complete freedom how they make use of a comprehensive set of tests to achieve a higher level of performance. This program is designed to help students to excel in the NSW Selective School test and private school scholarship tests. In a nutshell, it is a problem solving program backed up by an online tutor. Parents choose the entry and exit point and can even pause and restart on monthly basis. The program is designed to attract some money to support the provision and development of this great free service for all. It allows users to get a much enhanced service beyond the free basic level. Students are continuously supported by a tutor who monitors and helps them individually. There is a free trial period of 14 days for registrations 3 or more months before the Selective School test date.

Selective Support Group Features for Grade 5/6

This program is an intensive program covering the period Jan 2017 to Mar 2018 for students who will do the SS test in 2018. Students could join and exit at any time and work at their own pace and their own level within the program. This program has approximately 17500 questions, about 7500 of them overlapped with the OC level. Advanced grade 4 students could use this program at a more relaxing pace for 2 years from the middle of school year. A demo account is available (Login: 2012ss99 Password: demo)



Building Blocks: Spelling, Timetables, Personal Word List, Reading room, English revision, Vocabtest and many more ...

These modules target the essentials such as advanced English vocabulary and mental maths speed. The word list module helps students to acquire the advanced English vocabulary required for high performance.

Selective School Trial Tests

Comparative ranking along high performing competitors from the public side of Mathemafix.

Tests covering grade 4 revision, grade 5-6 mathematics, grade 4-7 English

A rich set of test materials for students to do at individual pace to build up the ability to complete at highest level.

Weekly messages from tutor

Personal feedbacks on test performance and tips on what to do to lift performance.

Individual Learning Centre

Self-paced problem solving to solve failed questions and daily online help on solving these questions.


Please read the Program Description for details - fees and signup code

Sign up for YEAR 5 (2019 SS test) or YEAR 4 (2020 SS test)

Alternatively, just send in relevant information (email address, student name, nick name, year/grade) by the CONTACT form. We will set up an account and email the login/password to you.

If you are after OC preparation, go to OC Support Program to register

You can earn credit to offset your membership fee by introducing new subscribers. Refer to this guide for more information.

2017 Selective School test marks and profiles




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