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To protect privacy, all real names have been taken out including the names of private schools that made scholarship offers. The student nicknames are shown to match with the performance profiles of students. The following comments were exact words quoted from parents and students.
My daughter has been offered a full academic scholarship at ___ on the spot. :) ____ congratulated us on raising such a great daughter, not only because of her academic achievements, but also because of her goodness inside. We didn't even mention that we already got a full scholarship elsewhere. My daughter said she prefers going to ___ now.
We are overseas now. Just letting you know that I received an email that my daughter got another full scholarship offer from her 2nd preferred school (a coeducational school that offers IB courses) in the co-op ACER test.
My daughter got James Ruse offer! She got 258.95! I'm super happy and excited for her!
Cleverpeacock's parent, 2017
We are pleased to inform you that ____ has been offered a 100% academic scholarship at Scots College. In the meantime, Felix will still strive hard for both Sydney Grammar and Sydney Boys (but with a lot less pressure). Thank you for all the valuable guidance that you have given to us.
We are very pleased with ____'s results. He has scored 261.77 in his selective test. I hope you'll have a lot more stronger scores from your students. Thank you for all your support.
PikachuWPS's dad, 2017
We've just received an email offering _____ a 75% scholarship at Reddam! We are very happy, as this is the one that we liked most among the 3 private schools at which she attended the scholarship tests.
____'s results at the Selective test: 255.46
EmmaS's mum, 2017
We would like to let you know that our son got into James Ruse with score of 266.12. You helped a lot with let him do trial tests in you website and those practice test boosted him up a lot. We are very much thankful to you. mario9's parent, 2017
___ also got an offer last evening. 75% of scholarship. He did very good but as we know writing was not good enough. I will send you a screenshot later from the computer.
We are on holidays and ____ very happy, he got 254.84 for selective test.
CaptainOC's mum, 2017
____'s profile was 247.36. She was offered Girraween and She is reserve 25 for James Ruse. Thanks for all your help with the preparation. Jiya Rex1's parent, 2017
____ did not get offer for 1st choice Sydney Boys, He got offer for 2nd choice to Sydney Tech with 207.3. It's a big relief after all the efforts and time spent on the whole things. He could have got a better result, however looking back on all the situations and time spent it's still good news for us. I would like to thank you. Mathemafix in helping ____ getting into a selective school. TomT's parent, 2017
The interview with ____ started at 2:30 pm, lasting about 30 mins, and in the end he has verbally offered ____ 100% scholarship. Tomorrow she has been invited to attend a taste of Year 7.
Her result has been updated - 233.28 with Sydney Girls offer, not too bad, given her health condition on that day.
Iris2391's dada, 2017
_____ got 230.7 (from memory) and we are very happy she got in clean! Siobhan1's mum, 2017
____ GOT INTO SYDNEY BOYS!!! The score is 236.91. He is not happy with his score though!!! But I am extremely happy!!! Pokeroyale's mum, 2017
Hornsby girls has given the offer directly. ___ also got reserve 26 for North sydney girls. Very impressive result. Emma.G's parent, 2017
____ got into hurlstone. Waiting list 51 for Sydney boys. Thanks for all your help. Your prediction was spot on slug05's parent, 2017
___ got Sydney Girl offer with score 228.08/300. So we won't go to Sydney for interview (St George Christian scholarship) anymore. Thank you so much for your great help. Piano's mum, 2017
We got results for Scott. ____ got 210 and an offer to Hurlstone, which is a good relief. Thanks for your support again to get him this far. Scott1's mum, 2017
I've just received an email from the NSW Department of Education with ____'s results at the Selective test: she got an offer at Sydney Girls. Thank you again for all your help and support, Mathemafix is a fantastic tool, but most of all, your advice and constant feedback is what we mostly valued. EmmaS's mum, 2017
____ has been offered 100% scholarship by TKS. Thanks for your help and guidance over the past months.
Good news, he's got the full offer from Shore. I am torn because this is once a life chance to get into this exclusive school, it's not like the other schools you can pay to get in most of the time.
____ got JR 257.09
Clashonlocky's mum, 2017
Our son got 256.73 with Ruse offer. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated. I think your prediction was correct. I am sure school did not give him high marks. Our son is anyway keen on ______. Our son states that he wants to join Mathemafix for HSC to get accurate scores and prediction. According to him, you are the invisible man who predicted his score correctly. I think it is time for you to start HSC coaching:). sbsydau1 's mum, 2016
I am pleased to advise that _____ has been offered placing in Sydney Boys High School. He achieved score of 220.55 which is in line with our range expectation. ajt_5's dad, 2016
___ got 234.85. We were very suprised with his score, we didn't aim too high as well. Remember we only wanted hurlstone? Fort St was our dream school but that was just a high hope... I know Syd boys & north syd boys are probably higher ranking schools but they were just too far to travel. JQ1's mum, 2016
You're right, your prediction was spot on! Isabelle got 199.1, so she's on reserve no 12 for St George and offer for Alexandria Park. I had to go off to work so haven't had a chance to read to find out how it works. I'll have a good read when I get a chance. I'm sure you are an excellent resource person I can turn to. Cecchellero's mum, 2016
I got 209.43 for the selective test and I was offered St George Girls high school. Thank you for your guidance, support and help. Aristotle , 2016
He did it :-))) dadi's mum, 2016
After all the hard work and long journey, finally we can see the result. ______ has been offered the scholarship today in ______ senior school in Bellevue Hill. On the other news, he has also been offered a placement in ______ in Hurstsville. We are still waiting from 1 other private school ie Newington Boys school. We are very grateful to receive the news. Without Mathemafix study program, he would be hard to meet these achievement. We want to thank you for your study monitoring. ajt_5's dad, 2016
I would like to thank you for your help in my goal of achieving a scholarship at ______ Private School. I believe Mathemafix was the only thing that helped me in achieving my goal. Mini maths challenge and problem solving series have helped immensely for the free response questions. I also found that _____ has similar questions to those at Mathemafix. This helped to get a few extra questions correct. Also the English Comprehension series and deep comprehension series helped in the reading part of _______. The writing forum was the biggest help of all. I am not sure how I would have even gotten an interview without it as there were 5 writing pieces in the real exam. I have learnt many writing skills which I will carry forever. As a result, I am greatly indebted to you as your are the invisible person behind my success and the success of many people to come. I will definitely recommend Mathemafix to people. Sbsydau, 2016
____ called yesterday and offered _____ 100% scholarship. ____ is happy with his result, however, he still prefers to get into Fort St though. At least this will help keep our options open, just in case _____ doesn't get Selective High, we can at least have this option to turn back on. Sbsydau, 2016
_____ called yesterday to arrange an interview. I assume the ACER results are out. I don't think ______ and I we will be attending because ______ wasn't impressed with the facilities at Newington so I doubt ______ will entice Nathan ... The Maverick's mum, 2016
Thanks Peter. _____ came 37 rank in HSC performance and we really liked the facilities inside. Son got 100% scholarship. We are considering seriously. We did not apply for St Aloisius so it is out of question.
James Ruse vs ______ -- lot of debate. But if he goes to Ruse, it is more unlikely that he will be top performer but in ______ we believe he will be a topper. It is tough we are thinking seriously.
Sbsydau's mum, 2016
We just received today a phone call from _______ advising that they will give ____ a 50% scholarship. They said will mail out soon documents.
Thank you for all your hard work Peter and for your help bringing ____ to this level. It is much appreciated. It was an amazing experience working with you.
Dadi's dad, 2016
We are pleased to inform you that ___ (PokemonRPS) has an offer to the Woollahra Public School in years 5 and 6. ___ achieved a calculated profile score of 263.40. On this occasion, we would like to thank Mathemafix for kindly sharing the trial OC tests FOC which assisted a lot in Felix's preparation for the real tests. PokemonRPS's dad, 2015
I am delighted to inform you I got into the selective school I wanted NORMANHURST BOYS HS with a profile score of 227. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart because without mathemafix or you I would not have made it and I'm sure my dad feels the same. THANKS B2003K, 2015
Thank you very much for your assistance with the preparation work for the selective school exam. ___ managed to get a calculated profile score of 237.90 out of 300. Hence managed to get the offer from his selected high school North Sydney Boys. Once again Thank You for the great program on the Mathemafix site. His primary source of preparation for the selective school exam was your excellent site/program. He only went for a few sessions with the coaching schools. JMan's dad, 2015
Selective profile - 227.01. My son felt that the real test was much similar to the tests on mathemafix. I have recommended mathemafix to so many people. Thanks for your help. Awesomesauce's parent, 2015
____ got 215.72 and got accepted to St George. See attached. It looks like our strategy has worked and Sasha's 2.5 months preparations reached peak when it was needed. I would like to thank you for all your help with the process for the last few months. For all your time for personal consultations, but more importantly for your involvement and kind guidance regarding preparations strategy overall. Sassy's dad, 2015
____ received a 75% scholarship from Tara today and we don't know what to do.. Appreciate it if you can send some guidance.
____ gave us 24 hrs to make a decision and we decided to not taken the offer as _____ likes North Sydney. This is her choice. My poor husband not happy but we cannot force something she doesn't like.
Nadee's dad, 2015
___ got 232.57 and offered North Sydney girls. First of all I want to thank you, with out your website and your guidance ___ will never achieve this result. She is been tutoring from year 4, but last 6-4 months with your website was the best decision we have made for our daughter. Thanks again, Our expectation for ___ around 220 marks and she is surprise us. She got her 1st choice of school where she loves to go... Nadee's mum, 2015
I got an offer at Hurlstone Agricultural High School (Day). I am also a reserve on Fort St, 56th in line. I got 210.39 for my score. Thanks for your help! Katerina, 2015
____ had offer from Sydney girl HS and in Reserve list of North Sydney Girl HS, I really appreciate all supports from you! ____'s score is 220.22, not very high, but I'm still very happy with that, her reserve list no. is 39 , I don't think we have big chance to get in North Sydney Girl. Now ____ is preparing for CONSERVATORIUM High School. That's her aim! SelinaQ's mum, 2015
Thank you very much for all your assistance; it was extremely helpful and I do not think I could be at this level had I not had your help. Whenever I dropped in my consistency, you pushed me back again. I did not go to coaching at all in my preparation for Selective, so thank you very, very much for everything. Purple Cheetah, 2015
I just saw the email from them. ____ has scored 244.50 and was offered Hornsby Girls High. That was our first preference. We now have tough time deciding which school to choose selective or scholarship. PurpleCheetah's dad, 2015
Hoping you are well. We have just received ____'s SS result and she got 253.87 points and is being offered James Ruse. Thanks for your advise and suggestions and your website helped a lot. Mi's dad, 2015
I got a score of 238.47 and made it into Hurlstone! I'm really happy about my score, but it would have been nothing without your great tutoring and website. Thanks for everything! Jacy, 2015
Very proud of her for getting syd girls. 228.75 Chacha1's mum , 2015
___ got an offer from Hurlstone. Her score is 219.65 Thanks for your guidance and help. Nehaj's mum, 2015
I thought you would be interested to know that ___ achieved an OC result of 241.34 and was accepted to Greenacre PS. ___ did not attend any intensive OC trial courses offered by the tutoring centres and only worked on Mathemafix. I have requested the raw scores and will advise you on these when I receive them. I only request that you use Juggernaut instead of ___s' name, when advising other parents of his results. Many thanks for Mathemafix and I hope to get ___ working for the selective test soon. Juggeraut's parent, 2014
I am glad to let you know that our son has got 276.87 and highest was 286.36. lot of Kids from his school got as well. I am not sure how many kids in between his score and high score. I am not sure whether it is good mark but your estimation was accurate. I believe his school mark might have been slightly less and I will let you know once the scores are available. still very proud of him. Our son believes Mathemafix helped him a lot than any other coaching and your prompt feedback at all times is highly appreciated. Once again great thanks to you. We will continue our journey with you soon. Sbsydau's parent, 2014
We wanted to share the great news with you. Our son got ICAS medal in Mathematics and he believes that Mathemafix played a great role in getting that. He missed in science by one mark as well. Silly mistake.!!! He wanted to say thank you to you. Sbsydau's parent, 2014
___ got into north syd girls with 246.1 thanks for all your help. We are still trying to get a meriden scholarship if there are any rejects from their offers. If not, we are quite happy with this result. Thanks for all your advice, encouragement and website resources. Rainbow's mum, 2014
We got the results, and ___ got an offer to Baulkham Hills High School. His Profile score is 236.53. I expected a bit more marks than he received but the exam must have been hard. I'm happy he got through to Baulkham Hills. Thank you so much Peter. You helped him a lot to achive his goal. Shan77's mum, 2014
I got my results ad I'm sure my mum told you the rest. So I wanted thank you because I know that without your help, I wouldn't have been able to get the marks that I had gotten, and I definitely would not be good enough for Baulkham Hills High. Shan77, 2014 (Shan77 was Ryan77 in 2012 with OC score 226.65)
___ got into Sydney Boys (237). Thank you sooo much for your guidance, advice and encouragement along the way. You have really helped him a lot to achieve this.

Thank you very much again.
Robot-j's mum, 2014
Zekrom2003 had a calculated profile score of 233.24 and received an offer for fort street high school. Zekrom2003's mum, 2014
___'s SS result is out, it is 232.49. He got Girreween offer. Thank you for all these years of preparation for this extremely important test in your website. And for my daughter is also participating in your online course, she is a little bit below average especially in English. Now we try more in reading room, I hope she can improve further. Srunner's dad, 2014 (Srunner was Smartail in 2012 with OC score 228.9)
___ got 231.8 and the offer from Sydney boys, it is not a very good but still enough :) Thank you so much for your information, My daughter Selina is year 1 now, I schedule to use your website when she is year 3. Please keep in touch. Garret's dad, 2014
I just checked my work email. ___ has accepted in Sydney Boys. His score is 227.03 out of 300. Thank you for your help and I spread your website to all my friend and family. (I hope you don't mind). I am happy that his confidence is back on time and the result is excellent. Cochrag's mum, 2014
___ got in Sefton High School. According to this attachment, is that her mark is 201.7. Sefton High School is also my favourite one. I know Catherine's weakness and I'm very happy with the result. Thanks very much for your supports and hard working. Superstar's mum, 2014
___ got 192 ... (exact score you predicted).. and accepted into Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus (with reserve at Leichardt) I like the position of the campus on harbour, but have no idea if it is OK ..._your thoughts?
Just a quick email to say thank you for all the help with Finn. We just got confirmation that he got into St. Alo's on a small bursary. I am sure without your help it would not had happened.
Lasource's dad, 2014
Hanwen's OC score is only 225.35, not very good. Actually I found your site just before the OC test. I think he might only finished 1/3 of your free test papers and also did not know your timing strategy. But We felt your questions are good for OC preparation. Hope he may get more SS practice later. Thank you for your help. Victor's mum, 2013
Johnny03 has got an OC placement to Summer Hill Public School with a score of 260. Thanks for the great website for him to practise. Johnny03's dad, 2013
___ got 254.92 and received a first round offer to James Ruse. Outcome advice states this year maximum is 281.87. It looks like they have scaled down of raw marks ?? ___ was expecting around 265-270 mark, but any way he got the expected offer. I am going to request for the detailed results and will let you know when I receive it.

May I also take this opportunity thank you so much for your fantastic support and wonderful contributions towards this great outcome. I know how much meant to ___ to boost his confidence whenever he fell demoralised. I was not around most of the time due to my work commitments and mathemafix was a bridge for me to identify his strengths and weaknesses and take action accordingly.
Magicninja, 2013
Firstly, I highly appreciate your help during my Selective Test preperation. During last year I mainly focused on your website system which greatly affected my Selective score. I attended a few mock tests during the beginning of the year but your website helped me the most. My score was within your expectation. I got 222.65 which I'm pleased with.
Thank you again for your great help and support.
Meimei, 2013
She made it in to Sydney girls high school which was our first choice with about 230 marks. Thank you very much for your support. Ria's mum, 2013
My son (smartail) OC result is 228.9 out of 300. Unfortunately he didn't get offer, I had chosen the school that is too high for him. Next year we would like to back to your website to get more practice, more focus on Selective school. Smartail's dad, 2012
___ scored 226.65. This is 100% from OC exam. He didn't get any marks from his School. And he did not get a placement from the schools he applied. Ryan77's mum, 2012
My son's OC result is 230. Thanks very much for the wonderful website you provide to help my child get an offer. Funboy's dad, 2012
I got 214.55 points,thank you so much OAS website. It's help me alots. Bridget, 2012
This is to inform you that I have been offered a place in Hornsby High School. My score is around 225. Thanks a lot for the tests. I think the tests style is very similar to the actual test and I am really glad that I had opportunity to improve my Maths and GA skills here. Richa, 2012
Just to let you know that you're the first person I contact re OC test result for ___. I found the email (went into my deleted file automatically somehow) just now. ___ was offered his first choice at a local OC class, where his sister went. He scored 281.55 out of 300. Lou's mum, 2009
I thought you'd be really glad to know that I got ___' SS results just now that he's offered Sydney Boys with a score of 245.17. According to the email, the highest was 285.17 and average being 180.04 out of 300. ___ was quietly confident he'd get through, but I was a bit dubious because of the unanswered questions. Thanks for all your help over the years. It's much appreciated. ___ now has to make a difficult decision about high school. Hope your daughter is enjoying herself at high school and the holidays. Lou's mum, 2011

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