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In the modern competitive world, academic performance at primary school level is very important for a sucessful future. Kids often perform very well if they have a good basics since early years. Our free online tests for the kids will go a long way to help parents (and the kids) to know how competent and competitive the kids are in mathematics, science and computer skills. Currently there are tests for grade 1 to 7. Questions are sourced from Australia, US and Singapore. While the tests are not mapped to any particular curriculum, they help to test English speaking students' universal maths problem solving skills. This system provides a free and level playing field for students to see how they match with the best out there.

Click to download the G&T Programs Around Australia. For students in NSW there are OC and selective trial tests for mathematics and general ability to help them prepare for Opportunity Class and Selective School placement. For more information refer to this FAQ. For all inquiry or problem reporting, please use this contact form. Visit the Blogs to exchange ideas or ask questions. See the Notice Board for coming events.
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My daughter has got an offer for JR with a score of 268.28. It was quite a nice surprise for me! Thanks again for the help she has got from you all the way from Year 4. Best wishes to you and to Mathemafix! She is happy with Ravenswood so she didn't do any other scholarship tests. SuperVJ1's parent, 2019

Just wanted to let you know ___ has been offered a 100 per cent offer today from Sydney Grammar. We don't need to provide application or entrance fees or deposit, just a guarantee in writing that we won't accept any further offers or place in a selective school. We are completely surprised and delighted!!!
Thor1's parent, 2019

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  A supported Selective Support Group is now on offer for grade 5/6 students.

  A supported OC Support Group is now on offer for grade 3/4 students. is now replicated across 2 data centres and this means all data is protected in case of a disaster. Secure (https) access is now available for better security.

Please read the terms & conditions for accessing this system.


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391450 tests

Top performers
01 - English Reading Grade 4
cliffy (Sydney, au) 88.57%
Navu4 (SCHOFIELDS, au) 85.71%
qiyuan (EPPING, au) 85.71%
Littlerabbit (Kogarah, au) 74.29%
01 - English Reading Grade 5
ritwik9522 (Cranbourne east , au) 88.57%
01 - Math Short Response Grade 5
ritwik9522 (Cranbourne east , au) 84.00%
01 - NAPLAN Trial English Reading Grade 3
timtam22 (Boronia, au) 92.11% 
01 - NAPLAN Trial English Reading Grade 5
Norahbora (Rouse Hill, au) 97.14% 
jacksonsmells (Gordon, au) 91.43% 
01 - NAPLAN Trial Language Convention Grade 5
Yonghui (Hurstsville, au) 100.00% 
jacksonsmells (Gordon, au) 98.00% 
Norahbora (Rouse Hill, au) 96.00% 
ritwik9522 (Cranbourne east , au) 88.00%
tanay16 (Ashfield, au) 82.00%
01 - NAPLAN Trial Mathematics Grade 3
timtam22 (Boronia, au) 94.29%
01 - NAPLAN Trial Mathematics Grade 5
Norahbora (Rouse Hill, au) 82.50%
jacksonsmells (Gordon, au) 82.50%
tanay16 (Ashfield, au) 75.00%
01 - NAPLAN Trial Mathematics Grade 7 - calculator allowed
Atharv1105 (Carlingford, au) 84.38%
01 - NAPLAN Trial Mathematics Grade 7 - no calculator
Atharv1105 (Carlingford, au) 84.38%
01 - Science Grade 3
timtam22 (Boronia, au) 86.67%
02 - English Reading Grade 3
vidhi19 (Ashfield, au) 85.71%
02 - English Reading Grade 4
cliffy (Sydney, au) 97.14% 
qiyuan (EPPING, au) 97.14% 
02 - English Reading Grade 5
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