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NSW Opportunity Class (OC) and Selective School Preparation

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OC and Selective School trial tests are available around 3 months before the actual tests. Opportunity Class trial (year 4) starts at beginning of May and Selective School trial (year 6) starts at beginning of Jan.

The trials are formally structured with 6 sets of tests and 2 weeks gap between each set to allow students time to study and try to improve their performance on later sets.

The trial tests give students difficult timed tests to impose time limit just like in real exam condition. Past students' performance indicates that the average around 75% is a promising level to secure placement.

For parents who prefer a DIY style for their kids' preparation for OC and Selective School placement, please consider joining our OC or SS support group. Students are provided all necessary support, information and work for their kids to get ready for these difficult exams.

OC Support Group

Selective Support Group

For more information online about OC and Selective School topic, please have a look at the following links to Internet discussions and newspapers articles collected and put into our blog.


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NSW High Performing Students Unit's official sample and past papers. These past papers were from the years 2000, 2001 and 2002 and the incomplete set was the official sample dated even much older before the 3 past papers were released to the public. These papers are a lot easier that students must do today.

Sample Year 6 Past
Selective Test Papers

Sample Year 4 Past
Opportunity Class Papers

Opportunity Class Trial and some profile scores 2016-2017

Selective School Trial and some profile scores 2016-2017




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